Afila Group Young Professional Cohorts

Afila Group brings together cohorts of young professionals to help develop processes for them to understand how their experiences connect and can feed one another to greater understanding and purpose. Developing these mental foundations, processes and strategies as well as implementing them in practice helps young professionals become more effective in growing their career and impacting their organization.

Because young professionals haven't been exposed to seeing things from a more interconnected way, they approach issues and opportunities from a more linear perspective. This includes not only seeing the issue in front of them in just one way, but also in communicating their ideas to others. One of the reasons new professionals get frustrated at work is because what they see as easy truth is not being implemented. Although those ideas may be correct and accurate for the most part, understanding nuances in the situation as well as 'marketing' those ideas to others will help get the idea moved through and more effective.163812_student_u_meeting003_copy

Through consistent, intentional work to establish, and then practice, the foundations and processes of becoming more mentally capable to see connections between experiences, information, values and human dynamics, cohort members become more impactful in their careers, see more of their ideas come to fruition, connect more with their organization and their work and become more capable of leading others.

What's the Process?

Afila Group brings members together on roughly a monthly basis with a semi-structured agenda - to allow for flexibility in addressing what's important to the members - to discuss and reinforce how to make connections from various inputs, how those insights can lead to a different decision making process and how leadership qualities can be developed from these new capabilities. Learnings are reinforced in between meetings. Members can also reach out to Afila Group resources, as needed, to bring forth questions or issues.

As students progress through the program, they can expect the following results:

  • Growing ability to see how various inputs fit into a greater whole allowing for more novel solutions and more effective communication with others,
  • Greater understanding of of an organization's purpose, their role within it and how they can make an impact,
  • Better communications skills from understanding not only the dynamics of a situation, but with stronger skills to 'market' your ideas to stakeholders; and
  • More confidence in themselves, their leadership abilities, the processes they use to learn, reason, question, communicate and how they take on new challenges.

If you have interest in learning more or in joining Afila Group, just fill out the form below or call/text us at 612-414-1146.