Why is Afila Group needed?

High quality leadership is in higher demand, and in lesser supply, these days. Organizations look for technical capability, but pass over leadership qualities. New employees are demanding a more connected workplace, both technologically and personally, and our leaders are not equipped well enough to move their organizations forward.

Although it seems simple to work towards, daily stresses of life and work keep us from practicing quality leadership regularly. Therefore, it is not ingrained in our processes and is not passed down through an organization. Utilizing resources to help you develop and master leadership practices empowers you and everyone around you.

Afila Group coaching strives to build intentional, consistent practice of leadership into your current activities so you can experience the impact and expand the practice. This builds upon itself and leads to new areas of opportunity. We challenge you, but we fit your development into ways that will work for you.


Business Roundtables and Coaching

With our business roundtable groups, we know commercial executives and managers (sales, marketing and product) are critical to a company’s success. However, commercial executives from many companies face similar problems when it comes to the development and execution of strategies:

  • They are too busy with the tactical tasks to take time they need to think and act strategically and develop their teams to drive the business
  • They may not have the skills and training to lead their organization or to connect the rest of the company to make certain strategies succeed, nor are there programs in place to develop them and help them fill those gaps

Forward-thinking companies that want to empower their executives and their employees utilize the Afila Group to facilitate positive ideas and change, develop strategies that transform how the business can operate and perform and lead the company closer to being the best that it can be. In addition a roundtable group, leaders can engage in one-on-one coaching to address current issues and to focus on identifying and implementing leadership principles based on Love, Respect, Service and Fun.

Emerging Leaders and Sports Coaches Development

For college and high school student-athletes, you are still developing connections that help you tie together all of the learnings you experience. Having a structure to help you develop those connections and implement them effectively, will set you father ahead. Schools that offer this service to their players truly care about you.

For sports coaches, we know it takes a lot of consistent, intentional work to create a culture that strives to maximize teams and their players. The impact coaches have on athletes is weighted much more towards how players succeed in life rather than the sport. True impact of a coach is seen in the deeds of those coached.

With the Afila Group, you are never alone to wonder if you are making the right decisions or doing the right thing.