LRSF Stands for Love, Respect, Service and Fun/Joy. Real, quality results happen when teams practice this mantra, starting from the TOP. Call these words what you want, but if these concepts are practiced, companies, not to mention any team, can accomplish great things.

Showing Love and Service on a trip to Haiti

Love - probably the most 'dangerous' word of the four in terms of a work environment. When you, as a leader, commit to giving unconditional love to your team and those around you, you empower them to do do the same for others and to give their all. We, as human beings and social animals, want and crave connection and love. It sustains us and builds us. 

Such actions create bonds within the group that help make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Read a recent blog post that discussions love in the workplace further.

Respect - Respect yourself and your capabilities, respect the process, respect the needs and desires of your customers. Respecting the process is probably the biggest one to advocate and live. We all understand that there is a journey that needs to be taken to get from one place to another. The process can be challenged and changed, but there will always be a process. cutting corners and putting forth half baked work disrespects you and those around you.

Service - This is not the typical definition of service. It is how can you, as a leader, look to serve those around you - employees, family, customers, etc. This includes holding others accountable. Actively serving others is providing the support they need to become as good as they can be. By looking to see how you can help others, you make them more capable to serve you in your areas of need.

Fun/Joy - This seems obvious, but it is critical. With as much time as we spend at work, why shouldn't we have fun and feel joy. Looking at it another way, how productive are people that don't like being at their job? How open to ideas and opportunities are people when they are closed off due to unhappiness? The fun and joy your team feels and exudes will be shown to all, increasing the value of your company's brand and the success of its initiatives.

For those that have raised children, haven't you followed these basic guidelines with your kids? Why would your other relationships be different?