Strategic Value of LRSF for Adults

A highly functioning, committed, aligned organization is constantly cited as a strong competitive advantage for companies, schools and teams. Such groups bring forth innovation, loyal customers and quicker time to market. Sports teams that are connected, willing to serve one another and on the same page in terms of game plan and execution achieve great success. Stress and putting out fires is reduced. Productive work is enhanced and positive results abound.

Such servant leadership brings forth more effective organizations. Conversely, how many times have you heard about people say, "What was management thinking?"

Just imagine...Berlin Victory Tower web

  • You have a workforce that talks with customers all the time, doing the work that makes things happen. They are more in tune than you,
  • They make decisions and exhibit leadership qualities every day,
  • They engage in other activities that bring insights not available from a small cadre of executives,
  • You, as the servant leader who brings that all together, builds a fighting force that is rowing the boat in the same direction..with purpose...with passion; and
  • The organization rolls with this huge engine moving forward, ready to bring forth their talents to strive towards the future and having fun.

Or, imagine this...

  • You raised your kids to explore,
  • You let them make their own mistakes,
  • You engage them and help them search for the path that would excite something within them to become more than what they thought they could be,
  • You guide them and gave them counsel to help smooth the way (your adult team members will likely listen to you a little better than your kids); and
  • You serve them and continue to serve them now because you KNOW it's the right thing to do.

Why would you handle it differently at work or in adult relationships? 

Your employees are not that much different. They want to learn, explore, contribute, grow. They want to feel involved, appreciated, joyous.

There are too many good people out there that have the technical skills to get stuff done. If people in your organization aren't ready to serve one another, they should be somewhere else.

Strategic Value of LRSF for Students

All humans need love and connection in order to survive. Children and young adults have greater capacity than adults to observe and process inputs; they take it all in - the good...and the bad.

Jarod_Jeremy end of Senior night

Children and young adults that are consistently exposed to Love, Respect, Service and Fun will behave that way more of the time to others. They will love themselves and themselves more. They will search for ways to serve and have fun. They will Reach for the possible rather than finding ways to dismiss something. They will have less stress and will be more capable of striving for their passions.

L.R.S.F. sets the stage for our future leaders to be more than they thought they could be. We will see them accomplish great things because the light of possibility is within them.