What's Love got to do with Work?

The workplace has always seemed to be a place where regular human needs and interactions have been suppressed for fear of what might happen - risk mitigation.

Love is paramount on the list of feelings and actions that is shied away from. However, I would contend it is the most important aspect for making one’s job and customer interactions as fruitful and successful as possible.

Now, of course, I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about the love that comes from connecting with other humans on a level that makes us who we are.

We all need it. We all crave it. We’ll die without such connection.

I’ve talked with countless people about the bosses or jobs they enjoyed the most over the years. Inevitably, those jobs involved being connected with their coworkers and customers. Love connected them and enabled them to strive to be more.

Who do you do more things for – people you enjoy, care about, love or those whom you feel apathy? Workers talk glowingly about those bosses that cared for them, mentored them and helped them grow.

What brought forth those behaviors on the part of the boss?

Duty? Maybe. I think it would be hard to sustain such behavior over a long period of time just because of duty. Plus the effectiveness of one's actions may be variable.

Personal dedication? More likely. However, there has to be an internal motivation to keep with it.

Love and passion for others? Quite likely. It’s hard to do something consistently well for a long period without love and passion.

Global Team in New Orleans

Leaders love. Leaders care. That love and care helps employees feel free to do their best, strive to be as good as they can be and spread that love around - helping to create a positive culture.

Love allows your actions to be about those around you, the ones you serve – not yourself. That love frees up those people to reach and expand, grow and serve.

Love allows you to work with those that are struggling in a way that can turn things around or allow you to part ways more transparently.

How do you prefer to behave towards others?

Guarded, stiff, stoic and political? Or, open, joyful, exploratory and free?

When do you perform your best in a situation?

When you wonder if those around you care about you or when you know you are supported and loved.

Think about why you have to show and demonstrate less love at work than at other times when so much time is spent there. How might that change how you may choose to conduct yourself?


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