Sports Coaches Leadership

Afila Group works with coaches (sport and activity) to help them focus on the development of the player as an entire individual as well as an athlete through the concepts of L.R.S.F. Whether it be in a cohort environment with your colleague coaches, or individually, we focus on helping coaches better connect with broader goals:

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  • Aligning players, and having them practicing, towards a higher mission allowing them to see how their roles, their habits, their processes and their skills tie into and are critical to group success,
  • Connecting more intentionally and more consistently on the development of life skills through the mechanism of their sport/activity they are coaching; and
  • Teaching players, through your own actions, what solid leadership practice looks like so they can model it as they move forward in life as leaders in the community.


WB pregameWhat's the Process?

Afila Group works with coaches to determine each coach's strengths and processes pertaining to how they practice alignment to plan, leadership processes and practice and connecting life lessons into your plans. We then set up a plan you can practice implementing. As you know, practice and repetition breeds habit. As opposed to other valuable resources, this process of working with you to implement and ingrain learnings.

Whether this coaching happens primarily within a cohort of colleagues or one on one, you can expect the following results:

  • Your team culture changes to one that has greater player buy-in, high personal and team accountabliity, more focused and impactful practice and performance,
  • Players that are better equipped to be high-quality leaders and contributors to our community (the true reason for youth sports), and 
  • Better results on the 'scoreboard' because solid processes and practices are utilized more often by the team.

Are you the type of coach that wants to be the person your players talk about decades later, even if you are progressing along that path? Fill out the form below or call us at 612-414-1146 to start the conversation.