Afila Group Services

The Afila Group provides services to leaders in the office, the playing field and the classroom. With each group, Afila Group helps people in each area make new and lasting connections in new areas that can be practically applied in many areas of their life. People benefitting from Afila Group services include:

Unlocking a student's potential
  • Sales, marketing and product executives that straddle the line between strategy and execution. They do the hard work to align teams and make strategies come to life.
  • Individual leaders that are looking to have a mentor help them through leadership issues and provide them with the tools to effectively inspire their teams to greatness.
  • Emerging leaders in college and high school looking to learn how to take their various experiences, see the connections between them, and make more impactful decisions from their insights
  • Coaches in sport and activities that are looking to more effectively connect with and lead their teams.

Business people benefit from either a roundtable cohort or an individual format to not only become aware of new ways of looking at the business and their leadership tactics, but learn and practice ways to apply those new tools for the betterment of them, their teams and their organizations.

Students don't have structures in place to help them construct connections from the learnings they are getting from the classes they are taking, the activities they engage in and the social relationships they are developing and nurturing. As their brains continue developing critical connections, tying these elements together helps make them more capable members of our community.

Many sports and activities coaches has difficulty truly connecting with their charges to help them develop not only as players, but as young men and women. Afila Group helps them develop and implement practical knowledge that empowers them to have a lifelong impact with those they touch.

To request information about Afila Group, or to become a member, just fill out the information below or call us at 612-414-1146.