Afila Group for Business Leaders

Strategies succeed when sales, marketing and product executives and managers have the skills, support and time to make it all happen; Presidents, CEOs and business owners can’t be expected to do it all. Companies need you to have the ability to align the organization, to execute on strategies as well as to develop and present strategies that accelerate business forward.

However, as a business leader (sales, marketing or product), you need help. You don’t have it all. You face these truths:

  • You are so busy taking care of tactical needs that you have little time to think strategically,
  • If you do get time to think strategically, you have few people to bounce ideas off of, including potentially your boss; and
  • You are finding that you need to develop new leadership strategies and processes to bring value to your team in today's evolving workplace.

You are asking yourself many questions:IMG_1988-300x200

  • Why doesn't it seem like my team responds like they used to? Do I have the leadership tools to reach employees today?,
  • Am I seeing everything I need to see as I develop strategies and do I have what I need to sell my ideas up and down the organization; and
  • How do I rally and align my team and my organization around a common purpose as there's so much that seems to get in the way?

You understand you need to develop and implement better leadership and strategic skills, but firefighting and busy task work gets in the way of you and your people. The way you historically led is only getting you so far. You need to bring more connection between you, your team and your strategies. You want to be more connected to what you do and the lives you are impacting.

Our Executive Roundtable service serves as a catalyst to take your strategies and leadership practices to another level. Insights learned have directly led to growth that wouldn’t have occurred without the guidance from other executives. Supporting sales, marketing and product executives like you by providing a similar confidential forum empowers the executive team and empowers the company to grow and expand in ways that haven’t been thought of before.

Our individual coaching practice provides dedicated, one-on-one support to help you conceptualize and develop new leadership strategies as well as guidance on how to implement and ingrain those practices into your normal course of activities.

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