Afila Group Executive Roundtables

The Afila Group Executive Roundtable provides a community of high-level, similarly experienced, like-minded individuals engaged in sales, marketing or product strategy with various skills and a desire to learn and contribute. This ‘disinterested’ but engaged community of individuals is there to help you focus your strategies and sharpen your skills.

The Afila Group digs into the issues and opportunities that are important to you and are being faced by your company.  You will learn from the issues other members bring to the community. Development of skills in various topical areas are discussed, as well, leading to best practice development and elevation of your overall business acumen.


Lastly, you have access to a dedicated Afila Group executive that will serve as your advisor and accountability partner.

The strength of a community with the focus of an individual. Make decisions that drive revenue, profit and savings while putting you and your company on an acceleration path to success. All of this to make you a more impactful executive that has focused strategies and sharp skills. 

To request information on our Executive Roundtable or to Join the Afila Group, just fill out the form below or call us at 612-414-1146.