Individual Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching with Afila Group stays with our concepts of Love, Respect, Service and Fun and applies them to an individual and their specific career and personal circumstances.

Our process is to get to understand your situation, your goals, where the gaps are in reaching your goals and establish a plan of action to enhance your leadership capabilities, increase alignment within your organization and/or sharpen up your strategies and your ability to sell it up and down the organization.

Afila Group has extensive experience leading business units and sales and marketing organizations as well as coaching of individuals and cohorts of executives. We also tie in experience with sports coaching to help leaders execute stronger leadership practices with individuals and groups. Our goal is to make you the most capable you you can be based on your strengths, your personality, your stage of life.

Engaging with an Afila Group coach will result in:

  • Unique insights from being challenged by a catalyst that stretches you to think differently,
  • New processes to execute within your normal course of activity to better connect with and align ever-evolving employee needs and desires,
  • Sharper, more executable strategies from being challenged to tighten up logic and process in its development; and
  • Being a more capable, happier, more impactful leader,

To start the conversation on how a dedicated resource can help you become a better leader, just fill out the form below or call us at 612-414-1146.