Future Leader in School

You are already a leader in many ways - you may not totally realize it yet. 

You are still making connections in your brain that will serve you as you grow through life. However, you are not actively searching how to make connections with all of the experiences you have in your life - academic, social, athletic. With all of the information thrown at you, you may feel overstressed because you feel you can't process everything.


You probably are saying such things to yourself, or your family:

  • I don't know why I'm taking this class; it has nothing to do with what I want to do,
  • All this is too much, and I can't take it, 
  • I don't like talking with others or dealing with issues, just let do what I want; and
  • I'm just worried about what I'm going to do this weekend.

Those statements are valid, but as you say them, you to miss the opportunities available to see, and eventually strengthen, the connections your experiences have with one another. Being able to see connections between sports activities, academics and your social interactions will help you see a variety of things in very different and special ways.

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Making such connections allows you to logic, reason, question, communicate and perform at a much broader and deeper level. You learn how to learn more effectively, setting the stage for a lifetime of fun and growth.

The process to build and strengthen those connections only requires a slight change in mindset and consistent, intentional practice of concepts to embed them in what you do and how you act. You will find you spend less time juggling and worrying and more time exploring and growing.

Afila Group helps students in college and high school to see the possibilities of these connections and works with them to put them in practice. You do many of the same things you would, but you see them in different, more fulfilling and more fun ways.

Life Strategies are Focused, Skills are Honed.

Contact us to talk about how you, or your child, can begin the process of seeing the world in a new way.