Future Leader at Work

You are starting your career and have a lot of passion and energy. You want to make an impact, rise in the ranks and succeed.

You may be frustrated by the lack of pace of this quest. Your bosses and others around you seem to be not as receptive to your ideas as you'd like. They may slap you down a bit with you wondering why, because you got no explanation.

There may be issues with your leadership, yes, and you may choose to find a different job. However, there are things you can do to gain the skills to see things from a broader perspective, develop even more novel solutions and market your ideas in a way that will be better for you and your organization in the end. What that takes is mental training. How do you more effectively connect your knowledge, experiences, values and other inputs in a way that brings a richer perspective to issues and opportunities? How do you develop capabilities to understand motivations and biases in others to see how you can learn from them but also work together to come up with transformative outputs?

Afila Group works with those within the first 10 years of their career, in a cohort model, to establish foundations for such higher level mental capability and develop processes where that can be practiced regularly inside and outside the work environment.

The end result is a person that sees the world around them in different, more well-rounded ways and has a mental maturity to go around the walls instead of running head long against them. People around your organization will see it, and the impact it's having.

How does it Work?

Our cohort model brings career professionals such as yourself, either from the same company or different ones, once a month to go over various topics around developing a stronger mental mindset and process. The partially-structured meetings allow for time to delve into issues that are important and interesting at the time and work through them as case studies on developing more mental capability.

In between meetings, you will receive reinforcing messaging and concepts to help you practice the tools you're developing so they can become more a part of your normal process. Like anything you practice, you will gradually see changes in how well you use these tools and how proficient you become doing it.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a member of the Afila Group.