Afila Group Emerging Leaders Group

Students, whether in college or high school, are bombarded with experiences to help them learn, grow and develop. Whether it be their various subjects of study, sports and activities, friendships and social groups, volunteering as well as various dumps of information they get from other sources, they have ample information thrown at them on how to develop quality values and solid leadership traits. 

However, there really isn't anything established to help them connect these inputs, see how they intertwine with one another and how those experiences can bring forth greater insights, stronger relationships, less stress and more happiness. These students have the capability to make the connections in their still developing brain, but they need guidance on how to make them as those processes are still forming.

Afila Group brings together cohorts of students to help develop processes for them to understand how their experiences connect and can feed one another to greater understanding and purpose. We relate those efforts to what's important at their particular stage of life.

For example, if they are a first-year college student involved in sports, we'll work on helping them acclimate to college life, make connections between their learnings in sports with their general and their major classes and set them on a path to make these connections on the front end. For a senior, discussion will be more driven towards taking the developed processes, and their resultant benefits, and put them into stories and plans for taking the next step in life.

What's the Process?

Afila Group brings students together on roughly a monthly basis with a semi-structured agenda - to allow for flexibility in addressing what's important to the members - to discuss and reinforce how to make connections from various inputs, how those insights can lead to a different decision making process and how leadership qualities can be developed from these new capabilities. Learnings are reinforced in between meetings with appropriate content. Members can also reach out to their Afila Group resources as needed to bring forth questions or issues..

As students progress through the program, they can expect the following results:

  • More resiliency and capability to take on and process information, leading to less stress and less risk of escaping into ineffective or even dangerous behavior,
  • A greater appreciation of how all their classes and experiences serve a purpose and how parts of those fit into a variety of other parts of their life,
  • More practical capability to recognize situations involving school, sport or socially and how to connect different inputs into viable and novel solutions; and
  • More confidence in themselves, their leadership abilities, the processes they use to learn, reason, question, communicate and how they take on new challenges.

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