As a sports or activity coach/director, you are primarily charged with developing students to be the best they can be within the discipline you are teaching - basketball, debate, engineering, etc. Is that the primary reason you got into coaching?

I bet you started coaching to be able to make an positive impact on their lives through something in which you had knowledge and passion. However, you may have become caught into coaching the tactical, execution aspects of your discipline and have let go of the higher purpose. You are wondering:

  • Can I coach to the higher purpose in spite of pressures to win and demands from parents and other parties,
  • Am I having fun just coaching the tactics,
  • Am I really making a positive impact on the lives of these kids that will endure or am I just going through the motions; and
  • Is it worth the trouble to change the way I coach and teach leadership?

Coach talking life lessons with team

As a coach, you are a critical piece to developing young minds and hearts. Through sports and activities, you can help kids make connections to life lessons in an environment that is safe and long-term. Can your kids afford to not have you completely engaged in making them special on the court and in the community? If you are not able or willing to commit to being a more impactful component of these kids' lives, maybe you should consider moving on. If you are willing to take that journey, there are resources available to you.

Afila Group works with coaches to modify their perspective on coaching around the concept of Love, Respect, Service and Fun. This is not a structured curriculum program, but a process where you will learn and pratice these concepts in ways that work for you. Read more about the process here

Coaching Strategies become Focused, Skills are Honed. Kids Thrive

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