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7:57 am

Develop your Executives to help manage change

A person said to me a few days ago, "Change is inevitable. How you react to it is what's important."

Change over the last few years from a corporate perspective has centered around job security, circling the wagons and keeping the business afloat. Change has essentially controlled us; companies and employees have not reacted well to change. How can companies and their employees take control of change in 2014 and beyond?

CFO asks CEOThe labor market has started to make some fundamental changes in how human talent is procured and utilized. I term this change the 'app model' of labor movement. A company looks for an app/employee that will fit a specific set of criteria. When that person is no longer needed, they are let go. I think this will progress to the executive level as well.

Studies have shown that the tenure of a key executive is less than three years. Churning from one exec to another has consequences for employers and employees alike. Some of those consequences could work for the positive. Most of the time, the pain and cost don't really justify the change compared to alternatives. First, let's look at why employers look to make changes to their executive team.

Many times, change occurs because the company has evolved in ways that requires skills or capabilities which the executive doesn't possess in enough quantities to keep them in their position. Companies will say the employee didn't perform as needed or failed; however, both company and employee could have taken steps early in the process to avoid this parting of ways.

Executives, commercial executives (sales marketing and product) in particular, are critical cogs in driving successful strategies and determining whether companies thrive or dive. They are responsible for executing strategies and aligning the organization to meet customer needs and to drive the business. Companies that excel also have these executives create and pitch strategies as they and their teams are closer to the customer.

It is a much better strategy to support and empower the capable executives you already have and help them grow with you. Give them resources to bounce ideas off of people outside of the organization. Challenge them to experiment with ideas and not be afraid to fail. Open up experiences to them that will demonstrate your loyalty to them. They WILL stay and your company will PROSPER.

2:33 pm

How to make your mind more than Useless

In an earlier post, I wrote about fear and how it has a significant impact on our decision-making and success. Fear has continued to be a theme in our family this summer with my two sons. Read More

10:15 am

How to get your team/organization Untangled

I am an advanced amateur photographer, taking mostly nature photos. I enjoy bringing to life the small things within a scene or landscape that people don't notice, but are integral to enjoyment of a scene. I was looking through a number of my photos and came across this group of tangled roots that had washed ashore at the Northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. This photo speaks to me on a couple of levels. The first is how my leg muscles used to get after playing basketball - adhesions and misalignments that caused my knee to flare up badly.Read More

4:04 pm

The Correlation of Learning How to Learn and Business Success

I recently read a LinkedIn article about how Google considers GPA to be irrelevant when looking at whether their employees are successful (they did notice a correlation within the first two years of employment, but that goes away). Here's a quote from Google's SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock, about the issue:Read More

3:26 pm

What is the Best Way for a Leader to Shake Things Up?

I just read an interested blog post from @leadershipfreak that discussed how comfort leads to resistance and shaking things up is vital to creating vibrancy.  He nicely starts his argument with four statements: 

Read More

12:13 pm

In what ranges of the Radio Dial can you Communicate?

When my parents decided to divorce after 30 years of marriage, I found myself hearing two sides of a similar stories. My father would talk about things he said to my mother and vice versa; I could understand what each was getting at, but they weren't reaching each other with their messages.Read More

1:19 pm

How Inattentional blindness affects your strategic and tactical decision making

The National Geographic Channel is presenting a series of episodes called Brain Games in which they discuss various aspects of how the brain works and how it doesn't work the way you think it does or expect it to do. My sons and I are watching it and enjoying it immensely.Read More

10:44 am

The Importance of Scheduling Nothing

I just read a post on LinkedIn from their CEO Jeff Weiner that talks about the issues that back-to-back meetings have on productivity and your ability to grow as the company grows. Obviously, LinkedIn has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the last several years.Read More

9:37 am

Basketball, Seth Godin and Employee Management

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I coach my son in 5th grade traveling basketball. This last weekend was the final tournament of the season – the State Tournament. I put us in a bracket that would challenge us and allow us to see what we could be. To make a long story short, the boys were marvelous!Read More

6:27 pm

5 steps to walk with Fear, not letting it freeze you and your career

I coach my youngest son, a fifth grader, in traveling basketball. The team is enjoying themselves, are learning and growing nicely. A couple of weeks ago, we won our first tournament and had the chance this last weekend to win another, although I'm more focused on developing the capabilities of each of my players.Read More


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