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The Afila Group Blog addresses key issues that business leaders and managers, and sports coaches face on a regular basis, but in a more ethereal way. Leaders and coaches are so caught up with their day to day activities that they don't take the time to st
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12:52 pm

Marriott Hotels and how They Didn't Act as an Aligned Organization in St. Thomas

Marriott Hotels chartered a ship to go to St. Thomas and ferry stranded guests from Hurricane Irma to Puerto Rico. They knew people were in need and they wanted to serve. A solid article in the Washington Post recounts the story.

However, as the ship arrived and Marriott guests were loaded on board, there were a number of other people that wished to get off the island before the next hurricane hit. They were not allowed on even though there, apparently, were a good amount of room available.

People left in St. Thomas said Marriott people on site said one thing (told higher ups didn't want the liability), Marriott PR said another (port officials wouldn't allow people not on the manifest to board) and that they had to get out to sea before the next storm. Either way, did Marriott behave in alignment with their core values? Let's look at it.Read More

8:30 am

Why Don't We Lead Employees to be What We Hope our Children Become?

I'll be letting go of my first son on Saturday as he goes to college. I am filled with anxiety as well as great hope.

I've talked with my son about what I hope he discovers in college - himself, a good path for the future, happiness, the spark and fire that will allow him to be open to the possibilities of life.Read More

10:33 am

Finding and Nurturing the Nuances and Mutations are Key to (R)evolutionary Results

Do you know how to use Excel? Do you have social media marketing experience? Have you been doing sales for 5 or more years in a particular industry?

How many people with your kind of experience and credentials are there like you? Do they have similar training and can they do 90-95% of the things you can? 

What separates the ordinary from the good and the great? Tasks completed vs. success gained?Read More

4:08 pm

A Mindset not Focused on Results Will Make You - and Your Organization - Successful

A recent article on discusses how focusing not on results, but on the components (the process) you can control that lead to results, will bring success in the short and the long-term. It centers on sports, but it applies anywhere.Read More

12:56 pm

Coaches and Leaders - Developing tactical skills in your team is not the way to go

The long-term success of a team, whether in sport or in any organization, IS NOT dependent on the tactical skills and capabilities of those that make up the team. It may seem as though the ability of team members to shoot a ball, handle social media or execute on Customer-Centric Selling brings the success, but that's an illusion.

There's a deeper level where that fuels skills at various tasks and drives development of new skills; that's the place where coaches and leaders need to focus time and energies building.Read More

9:58 am

Emulate the Key Traits of Your Favorite Boss or Coach

I just got done reading a marvelous blog post from a friend of mine, Danita Bye. This outgoing Finn regularly inspires me with her concepts on sales development and leadership.

The post mentioned above talks about a boss/coach/mentor she had when she went to college and how this person's commitment to service has impacted her for 35 years.

I ask of many people this question. "Who is your favorite boss, coach, teacher and mentor? What did they do with you that makes them your favorite?"Read More

9:41 am

The Hard Work of Holding onto Negative and the Joy of the Possible

I had conversations with my teenage sons yesterday about how school is not fun for them. This boring class, that disinterested (my word, not theirs) teacher and how those 'reasons' impacted how they experienced school.

I concluded that, although school 'fun' changes drastically after elementary school, it's really hard work to develop and maintain an attitude of finding reasons why something is wrong.

It's really hard work to build up and maintain walls of negativity, to drag all that baggage behind us. However, it's relatively easy to open up to joy, learning, development and possibility.Read More

12:52 pm

Why Students and Young Adults NEED Mental Training To Thrive in Today's World

We are not setting up our future leaders to see and experience properly.

We train our children and young adults to become proficient at a lot of things, hopefully some of them are engaging to them. We give them training to become better athletes. We put them in tutoring to do better on their college entrance exam. Each one of their classes tries to get them to a certain standard of knowledge to pass tests. When they get into the workplace, we teach them how to do specific tasks and handle a narrow set of projects.

Technical, tactical ability in these areas is NOT really where it's at, however. Read More

8:57 am

Why Mental Connection Training for your Employees Pays Off in Sustained Success

For 300 years, our society has looked to develop people that could do tasks proficiently. For the most part, that era is OVER.

Because of automation and the freer movement between various jobs and careers, organizational success depends much more upon employees being able to think, reason, create and communicate effectively. Learning agility is a new buzzword to capture this concept.

Read More

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