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The Afila Group Blog addresses key issues that business leaders and managers, and sports coaches face on a regular basis, but in a more ethereal way. Leaders and coaches are so caught up with their day to day activities that they don't take the time to st
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8:57 am

Why Mental Connection Training for your Employees Pays Off in Sustained Success

For 300 years, our society has looked to develop people that could do tasks proficiently. For the most part, that era is OVER.

Because of automation and the freer movement between various jobs and careers, organizational success depends much more upon employees being able to think, reason, create and communicate effectively. Learning agility is a new buzzword to capture this concept.

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3:12 pm

Why Humility is Key to Leadership and Key to Organizational Alignment

People in leadership roles (not necessarily good leaders, however) have egos. They've gotten to the level they're at because of their ability to get things done. Many times, this is a specific, technical skill (e.g. sales prowess) that has helped them get promoted.

That ego, created by their technical proficiency, often gets in the way of empowering people to do the best they can do their unique skillset. Humility and the ability to clear obstacles rather than being one is a key to getting an organization aligned.

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1:00 pm

Why Human Development Appears to be so Bass Ackwards

Bass Ackwards is a term used in our family to not swear. Put the B on Ackwards and you have the true meaning. 

We've become a society that is so set on constructing resources and processes to react to specific issues that come up with people and groups that we are missing the better path to prevent those issues from coming up and taking ourselves in new directions of possibility. Just look at the US healthcare system that is set up, mostly because of money, to deal with people when they are sick rather than setting up structures and processes to enhance their well-being and keeping them there.

How can we structure and work on human development in a more forward-thinking manner and how do we go about our lives in a more foundational and positive way?

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9:12 am

The Aligned Strength of a Human Tower

I recently saw a piece on television about a human tower building competition in Barcelona. From the image here, you can see how a solid base and distribution of gravitational forces is critical to success. There's more to it, however.Spain-Catalonia-Human-Towers-Castellers

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3:27 pm

Millennial Management - An Examination of a recent Gallup Report

I recently got connected via Twitter to Mark C. Crowley and started reading some of his posts. One in particular discusses a recent Gallup report on what Millennials are really looking for in the workplace. Read it and come back here. I'll be going over it with some of my own context.

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8:00 am

Why Trees Grow on all Sides and how that Translates to Business

I was taking a walk recently recovering from back surgery and I was taken aback while looking at some spruce trees in the park.

Why do spruce trees, and shade trees in general, grow needles and leaves on all sides even though it would be able to do more of its job if it concentrated its needles and leaves to the south side so it can get more sun?

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2:57 pm

What's Love got to do with Work?

The workplace has always seemed to be a place where regular human needs and interactions have been suppressed for fear of what might happen - risk mitigation.

Love is paramount on the list of feelings and actions that is shied away from. However, I would contend it is the most important aspect for making one’s job and customer interactions as fruitful and successful as possible.Read More

3:33 pm

How do we connect with Millennials to give them a better chance at Success?

In our last Afila Group meeting, we talked about management of Millennials. This topic has been brought up many times in the group and a has been difficult topic. Our members have had varying levels of success with millennial hires.

The word on the street is that they're lazy, don't care about work, can't communicate, etc. Is this really different than previous generations? Does this mean they won't/can't be successful?

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