Leaders Must Look at Themselves to Build Employee Motivation

I just read an interesting article on Harvard Business Review from leadership coach Monique Valcour about employee motivation and how we as leaders play a much more decisive role with it than we'd like to acknowledge.

Monique talks about the vicious circle that occurs when we leaders decide a person is no longer motivated in their job to the extent we believe they should. That leads to our withdrawal, which leads to even less motivation, and so on.

motivational-quote from Zig Ziglar

Monique cites an example of a leader she coached to change the narrative and said the leader recognized he "had to be fearless in examining his own thinking and patterns of behavior." 

This statement fits into three of Afila Group's primary L.R.S.F. philosophical tenets, Love Respect and Service. Monique speaks of how he saw this person as a problem, not a human being; there was a lack of love. The leader needed to develop a curiosity for the person's point of view; that demonstrates respect. Lastly, the leader gave the person interesting work and built up motivation; he looked for how he could serve the employee and what they needed.

In her last paragraph, Monique asks questions I usually ask up front of people I coach. Who is your favorite boss? Why? She then challenges us in a way I ask my third question. What qualities of that favorite boss do you use regularly to be someone else's favorite?

How do you answer those three questions? How do you feel you are doing with exemplifying what you cherished in your favorie boss?


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