Why Don't We Lead Employees to be What We Hope our Children Become?

I'll be letting go of my first son on Saturday as he goes to college. I am filled with anxiety as well as great hope.

I've talked with my son about what I hope he discovers in college - himself, a good path for the future, happiness, the spark and fire that will allow him to be open to the possibilities of life.

I don't think I'm generally alone with these thoughts as we send our kids off.

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What I'm going through now made me think why do we allow ourselves to not be a part of the process our children's contemporaries embark on when they get into the workforce? Why do our policies, procedures, culture and expectations work so hard to place employees in their box, on a specific track, with their wings clipped?

Maybe that's a reason why millennials leave companies when they get disenchanted with their environment. Maybe they listened to their parents' hopes and are fighting harder for that ideal than we did.

You can make the change. One at a time, we can choose to lead in a way that unlocks potential and possibility. Are you ready to grab onto it?


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