Finding and Nurturing the Nuances and Mutations are Key to (R)evolutionary Results

Do you know how to use Excel? Do you have social media marketing experience? Have you been doing sales for 5 or more years in a particular industry?

How many people with your kind of experience and credentials are there like you? Do they have similar training and can they do 90-95% of the things you can? 

What separates the ordinary from the good and the great? Tasks completed vs. success gained?

Nuances and mutations.

Special financial analysts don't just run reports to pull data. They understand drivers of the business and can help drive the business. Top sales people will have the same sales training everyone else does, but they are able to uncover the nuances and mutations of their prospects and customers to see where their products and solutions can really make an impact.


Apple (Steve Jobs) saw a mutations that allowed the company to combine people's CD collections and desire to hear the songs they wanted in the way they wanted into a simple design - the iPod. That led to seeing further mutations and nuances that created the smartphones and tablets we see today.

Do you have the ability to pull in experiences and information outside of your specific skillsets and tie them together to create novel insights and paths forward? Stay tuned as I write about this further.


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