Coaches and Leaders - Developing tactical skills in your team is not the way to go

The long-term success of a team, whether in sport or in any organization, IS NOT dependent on the tactical skills and capabilities of those that make up the team. It may seem as though the ability of team members to shoot a ball, handle social media or execute on Customer-Centric Selling brings the success, but that's an illusion.

There's a deeper level where that fuels skills at various tasks and drives development of new skills; that's the place where coaches and leaders need to focus time and energies building.When you think of success (I'll define it in a John Wooden-esque way of getting the most from one's capabilities), there are a small number of things that drive it. For example, in basketball, those drivers are scoring more on offense and giving up less on defense.

There are components which support those drivers - shooting, passing, rebounding on offense, team and individual defense and rebounding on defense. Teams run drills and practice those the processes that make up those components on a daily basis to gain greater proficiency. This is where most coaches and leaders think they need to spend the majority of their time with development. That's where the mistake happens.

DSC_4987IsantiAfila Success Pyramid

There are traits that allow people to work hard at practicing the processes that enable ability to execute the components needed to perform well at the drivers. Whatever one's gifted talents are, the character and personality traits of each individual will determine how successful they can be at the tasks, components and drivers which lead to outcomes. Drive, ability to dynamically process situations, conflict management, goal setting and process development, etc. Those are the aspects which enable performance and growth.

Activate and nurture those traits, unlock the potential for each person on the team to explore how they can work on improving their capabilities and their ability to adjust and adapt to situations and you can't help but have a team that is more successful. Your team will be more aligned, empowered, curious, competitive and collaborative.

As coaches and leaders, we are not developing automatons and drones. We are developing people who each have their own potential and motivations. It's up to us to help them unlock that potential and get them to see they are capable of more than they even thought they were.

If you wonder if you have the skills to adjust how you handle your process, look for help. Get a coach or join a group that will help you tap into your own leadership potential. Be that person your employee or player talks about years later as the one that had a great impact on their lives.


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