Emulate the Key Traits of Your Favorite Boss or Coach

I just got done reading a marvelous blog post from a friend of mine, Danita Bye. This outgoing Finn regularly inspires me with her concepts on sales development and leadership.

The post mentioned above talks about a boss/coach/mentor she had when she went to college and how this person's commitment to service has impacted her for 35 years.

I ask of many people this question. "Who is your favorite boss, coach, teacher and mentor? What did they do with you that makes them your favorite?"

Then, I ask, "How do you demonstrate those qualities when you have a chance to lead? Do you demand or expect those traits from your current boss, coach or teacher?" If the person is in a leadership position, I ask, "Would anyone call you their favorite? If so, why? If not, why not?"

Please read Danita's work. Ask yourself the above questions. Emulate your favorite leader's key traits in a way that would make them proud of the work they did with you.


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