The Hard Work of Holding onto Negative and the Joy of the Possible

I had conversations with my teenage sons yesterday about how school is not fun for them. This boring class, that disinterested (my word, not theirs) teacher and how those 'reasons' impacted how they experienced school.

I concluded that, although school 'fun' changes drastically after elementary school, it's really hard work to develop and maintain an attitude of finding reasons why something is wrong.

It's really hard work to build up and maintain walls of negativity, to drag all that baggage behind us. However, it's relatively easy to open up to joy, learning, development and possibility.

Whether it be in school, work or relationships, carrying the baggage of negativity tires us out and gives us the excuse to blame that same negativity for what's wrong. Think of something that's happening at work, school or relationships that is distressing you. What are your feelings right now? Those emotions take a good amount of mental, psychological and physical energy. It's a stress-filled and draining energy. Isn't it?

Opening up to possibility and joy fills our emotional tanks. We search for the positive. Our trek to find what's out there is filled with anticipation. We get excited when we discover and learn. It fuels us for more.

Open yourself up to the fun within the quest for the possible. Imagine what you could accomplish. You can then feel like Lizzo, too. 


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