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The Afila Group Blog addresses key issues that business leaders and managers, and sports coaches face on a regular basis, but in a more ethereal way. Leaders and coaches are so caught up with their day to day activities that they don't take the time to st
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7:05 pm

When your life depends on thinking outside of the box

I was reading through a discussion thread on LinkedIn that has been quite good about thinking outside of the box and I came across this story from India that really showed how critical thinking can save your life as you know it.Read More

10:37 am

Interesting quotes about thinking

In a previous post, I talked about coloring outside the lines. In that post, I mentioned Steve Jobs and his ability to see things in a different way and how many people marvel at that ability. I came across a post on a LinkedIn group with quotes from Steve Jobs and others that struck me. Read More

1:23 pm

Curious George, Good Analytics and Finding Insights

I came across an absolutely marvelous comment about stories from Jim Signorelli’s blog on the website. He mentioned that stories don’t tell us how to think or what to value, but they ‘provide a welcome freedom to self select the truths we read into them.’

This morning, I was watching Curious George with my son before he went to school.

Read More

8:56 pm

Einstein was a smart guy, wasn't he?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Think about that. There's a problem. Going through the same thought processes and doing the same things the same way expecting a different result is not a way of solving that problem.Read More

2:21 pm

Commiting to coloring outside the lines

Coloring inside the lines. Conforming to predescribed ideas and expectations. We’ve been taught how to color inside the lines since we were children as a precursor to fitting in and doing what we are told. I came across a nice blog post about a mother debating whether to teach her daughter how to color inside the lines or let her continue to draw on her own and create.Read More

9:37 am

Basketball, Seth Godin and Employee Management

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I coach my son in 5th grade traveling basketball. This last weekend was the final tournament of the season – the State Tournament. I put us in a bracket that would challenge us and allow us to see what we could be. To make a long story short, the boys were marvelous!Read More

12:20 pm

Why don't Sales, Marketing and Product Executives have a seat at the strategy table?

Recently, I was reading a blog post from Knowledge Infusion about how marketing executives can develop broader business skills for themselves and their teams and how HR can support that development.  It cites a study done by Forrester and Heidrick & Struggles titled The Evolved CMO. One of the main tenets is that two-thirds of CMOs surveyed have an overwhelming desire to gain business alignment through involvement in business strategy. Read More

6:27 pm

5 steps to walk with Fear, not letting it freeze you and your career

I coach my youngest son, a fifth grader, in traveling basketball. The team is enjoying themselves, are learning and growing nicely. A couple of weeks ago, we won our first tournament and had the chance this last weekend to win another, although I'm more focused on developing the capabilities of each of my players.Read More

10:40 am

What would you learn by being a lion, ants or a squirrel – just for a day?

I often wonder about the intelligence of the human race. There’s a commercial playing now for a minivan that shows people using the wrong car to haul various items. We go through life thinking we are so evolved, but we do things that are so unintelligent.Read More


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