Afila Group
Afila Group
Sep 18, 2017 4:18 pm

Leaders Must Look at Themselves to Build Employee Motivation

I just read an interesting article on Harvard Business Review from leadership coach Monique Valcour about employee motivation and how we as leaders play a much more decisive role with it than we'd like to acknowledge.

Monique talks about the vicious circle that occurs when we leaders decide a person is no longer motivated in their job to the extent we believe they should. That leads to our withdrawal, which leads to even less motivation, and so on.Read More

Afila Group
Afila Group
Sep 15, 2017 11:01 am

Why Target and Best Buy Should WELCOME Amazon into Twin Cities for HQ2

This week, The Twin Cities news outlets were all abuzz with stories about Amazon possibly coming here to set up their second headquarters. Pros and cons, key features and benefits and comparisons to other cities were set forth, as was government 'help'.

Governor Mark Dayton rightfully connected with the leaders of Target and Best Buy about this situation to get their read and to acknowledge those companies' importance to the area's economy. What was reported made it appear as though the leaders of those two companies weren't too keen on incentives to bring Amazon in town, but saw an opportunity for the state. Let me give you reasons why I think it would be good for those companies to have Amazon in town.Read More

Afila Group
Afila Group
Sep 13, 2017 12:52 pm

Marriott Hotels and how They Didn't Act as an Aligned Organization in St. Thomas

Marriott Hotels chartered a ship to go to St. Thomas and ferry stranded guests from Hurricane Irma to Puerto Rico. They knew people were in need and they wanted to serve. A solid article in the Washington Post recounts the story.

However, as the ship arrived and Marriott guests were loaded on board, there were a number of other people that wished to get off the island before the next hurricane hit. They were not allowed on even though there, apparently, were a good amount of room available.

People left in St. Thomas said Marriott people on site said one thing (told higher ups didn't want the liability), Marriott PR said another (port officials wouldn't allow people not on the manifest to board) and that they had to get out to sea before the next storm. Either way, did Marriott behave in alignment with their core values? Let's look at it.Read More

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