The Afila Group uses this philosophy to focus the strategies and sharpen the skills of its members. Members are challenged to think differently, change their perspective and break free from history, convention and politics to explore the possible. Members and their organizations move forward in ways they didn’t think were possible.

The Afila Group Executive and Emerging Leaders cohorts don’t address just any topic and waste time. Issues addressed are directly related to problems and opportunities being faced by members. For business people, we focus on commercial issues critical to company success to help develop knowledge and skills. This allows quick implementation of insights as well as long-term development.

For students, we develop ways to build connections between various aspects of academic, sport and social experiences to set stronger foundations for capability now and in the future. For young professionals, our work helps members bring more mental capabilities to they way they see issues and opportunities as well as communicate their ideas so they have a better chance of being implemented and successful.

Individual coaching of business leaders and sports coaches takes this same concept into very specific applications that modifies leadership processes and empowers teams to greater short-term capability and long-term success.

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