Afila, the Spanish word for ‘to hone, to sharpen’ symbolizes the results we provide our clients. Afila Group hones and sharpens strategies, ideas and people.

To hone and sharpen, we believe in the concepts of Love, Respect, Service and Fun as bedrocks of leadership and relationships. Leaders that act from a mindset of Love and Service are able to take teams to levels not generally possible with arms-length relationships. From there, we apply these concepts into what is happening in your organization in order to have the strongest impact on results. Organizations align better, employees and players are energized to do more and better work for the organization - in business or sport - and its stakeholders and brands thrive.

“Erik has always been a thinker of big thoughts. He has matured as an executive, his emotional intelligence has grown immeasurably and he always had a high IQ.’’ - Afila Group member

Think about your favorite boss/teacher/coach. What makes them that person for you? What did they do compared to all the others that was special? Most likely, they believed in you, gave you a chance to grow and develop. They challenged you to be more than you thought you could be. How have you used what you learned from them in your current activities?

They loved you and respected you enough to serve you in way that would unlock your potential. Bet you had a lot of fun working for them also, correct?

While these concepts may seem like fluffy and touchy-feely concepts, they are practiced in all human dynamic relationships pertaining to development and long-term performance. From parent-child to coach-player dynamics, these concepts are used to build the best possible Everest-2individual. However, they generally aren't being implemented in business. Other stresses get in the way and resources are often required to stay on track.

We work to identify ways you can tap into L.R.S.F., implement the concepts in a way that works for you and fit them within the strategies, initiatives and plans you currently are working on.

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