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Afila Group
Oct 16, 2017 10:51 am

Aligning Customer Experience Employees, and their Behaviors, to Organization Goals

A friend of mine, Jim Tincher, runs a company called Heart of the Customer. I've known Jim for many years and his passion and knowledge of the customer experience and journeys customers go on is very solid. I've had Jim work with my Afila Group members about journey mapping.

Jim recently wrote a blog post about trying to impress the CEO with the impact the CX group is making for the company. He talks regularly about connecting those efforts to business results. I'd like to talk about aligning down to the CX employees themselves and its importance.Read More

Afila Group
Oct 9, 2017 10:33 am

How Individual Dynamics May Change When Someone Leaves

My first son, Jarod, left for college a few weeks ago. My wife and I have one other son, Jeremy, age 16.

In the few weeks Jarod has been gone, I've already seen changes in the way Jeremy is behaving and connecting with us, in a good way. It got me thinking about what happens to a work team when a member of the team may leave for a different job. I think there are some parallels.Read More

The Afila Group maximizes the impact current and future leaders have on organizations and humans have on society. We believe in the limitless potential of quality leadership practice, connecting our world in different ways and mission-based performance.

We support this effort through helping people develop capabilities that help them process, question, reason, logic, communicate and perform on different levels through roundtables of people in similar situations as well as individual coaching of organization and functional leaders and coaches.

Our philosophy is based on the concept of L.R.S.F. - Love, Respect, Service and Fun. Leaders that concentrate on serving those around them, demonstrating humility, holding themselves and others accountable and expanding their ability to communicate to others on their level as opposed to the other way around see much greater results. Developed through decades of leadership experience in business and sports, Afila Group's coaching philosophy looks at not only high level concepts, but how the practice of L.R.S.F. can be ingrained into leaders' day to day actions and those of their teams. 

Afila Group members perform more effectively in their roles and lives, they empower those arouind them to fulfill their potential and organizations reach new levels of success.

For emerging leaders in school and recently in the workforce, we help develop foundations to better connect the experiences they have and problems they face in different ways. Our student and young professional roundtable groups will allow them to logic, reason, question, communicate and perform at a different level. Members see impacts in their immediate work as well as in their personal lives.

“This is a group of critical thinkers that bring different experiences together to tackle the challenges each one of us has” -Afila Group member

For more seasoned business leaders, we offer executive roundtables and individual coaching that allows members to hone their strategies, sharpen their skills and lead in a way that connects more with the workers and demands of today. Results include more aligned organizations, greater personal and organizational results and more time to do more impactful projects.

For coaches, we help them adjust their coaching processes to connect more effectively with those in their charge through L.R.S.F. The real measure of a coach is the impact they have on the lives of the kids as they move into our communities. That takes more than teaching how to dribble a basketball or build a robot. We help coaches empower kids to grow and perform on the field of competition as well as in life.

The Afila Group gives its members the people, time and opportunity to see their world in a different light and give them the insights needed to accelerate performance and results.